To-Do List

For someone who can focus well when she needs to, I spend an inordinate amount of time purposefully distracted. In exactly one month from today, I leave for a month-long intensive yoga training in California. (Plus one bonus week at the end that serendipitously includes my birthday.) I’m physically organized and my room has systems, but mentally, I am chaos. My parents gave me a Passion Planner for Christmas. It reminds me of the raincoat-yellow Bachelor Bulldog planners we had in middle school, which were likely the single biggest reason I was a successful student from ages 12-14. That, great teachers, and not having friends. 

I like to spend a solid hour with my planner, making sure the week is set and I’m not missing anything I have to get done. Or at least wish I could get done, which is exactly the same thing. I had to work this Sunday, though, and that is my planning day, (it’s been three weeks so obviously it’s a solid “thing I do” now) and suddenly my brain is leaking out of my nose. Which creates today, wherein I made this list of all the shit I have to get done between now and February 27th. 

  • find subletter for my room/apt - someone not awful
  • put laundry away
  • clean out closet (maybe do this first)
  • change sheets, actually clean room, not the bullshit from last week
  • sell books - how does eBay work?
  • learn eBay
  • figure out budget, pick a scenario with money
  • find some money
  • try to check only one bag
  • how am I going to bring my yoga mat when it doesn’t fit in any bags?
  • google “weather temps for March, LA”
  • email studio about yoga membership starting this week
  • fall into rabbit hole of checking class schedules
  • get up early every morning next week for the 9ams?
  • lolololololololol
  • omfg what am I going to do when I have to be at training every day at 9am??
  • totes different when there’s sun
  • sunblock (can get this there, nut)
  • haircut (only if it’s in budget)
  • j/k, let’s try some lightening shampoo and get into hats
  • groceries
  • but also eat all remaining food in the cabinet
  • google “what goes with lentils”
  • Target?  <— NO. Target ban since two weeks ago
  • clean bathroom
  • tomorrow: class, coffee, emails
  • live off of acai bowls and coffee
  • check that this is a thing

I feel better when I write things down. A little more focused, a lot more excited. Today was a long day of teaching and practicing, of staying focused and passionate. At 6:45 PM, the T stopped working at Boylston and I was forced onto a crowded train with all middle school students. I hadn’t eaten much and they were loud and it was miserable. I tried to think of their planners, possibly with folded-down pages in alternating directions like mine. Then one of them jumped on my back and I remembered how much I deeply hated 8th grade. 

In my haste to leave the whole thing behind, I tripped up the stairs out of Haymarket. No one saw, or cared, but now I have a lumpy bruise on my shin, and one more thing on the list. 

  • ice leg